Java 获取Oracle ROWID

A ROWID is an identification tag unique for each row of an Oracle Database table. The ROWID can be thought of as a virtual column, containing the ID for each row.

The oracle.sql.ROWID class is supplied as a container for ROWID SQL data type.

If you include the ROWID pseudo-column in a query, then you can retrieve the ROWIDs with the result set getString method. You can also bind a ROWID to a PreparedStatement parameter with the setString method. This enables in-place updating, as in the example that follows.
Note: Use the oracle.sql.ROWID class, only when you are
using J2SE 1.5. For JSE 6, you should use the standard
java.sql.RowId interface instead.
ResultSet rst = stmt.executeQuery("select rowid,name from friend");
String rowid=rst.getString(1);


RowId rowid = rst.getRowId(1); // Get the ROWID as a String