[Phalcon] DI默认的服务


namespace Phalcon\Di\FactoryDefault;

use Phalcon\Di\Service;
use Phalcon\Di\FactoryDefault;

 * Phalcon\Di\FactoryDefault\Cli
 * This is a variant of the standard Phalcon\Di. By default it automatically
 * registers all the services provided by the framework.
 * Thanks to this, the developer does not need to register each service individually.
 * This class is specially suitable for CLI applications
class Cli extends FactoryDefault

	 * Phalcon\Di\FactoryDefault\Cli constructor
	public function __construct()

		let this->_services = [
			"router":             new Service("router", "Phalcon\\Cli\\Router", true),
			"dispatcher":         new Service("dispatcher", "Phalcon\\Cli\\Dispatcher", true),
			"modelsManager":      new Service("modelsManager", "Phalcon\\Mvc\\Model\\Manager", true),
			"modelsMetadata":     new Service("modelsMetadata", "Phalcon\\Mvc\\Model\\MetaData\\Memory", true),
			"filter":             new Service("filter", "Phalcon\\Filter", true),
			"escaper":            new Service("escaper", "Phalcon\\Escaper", true),
			"annotations":        new Service("annotations", "Phalcon\\Annotations\\Adapter\\Memory", true),
			"security":           new Service("security", "Phalcon\\Security", true),
			"eventsManager":      new Service("eventsManager", "Phalcon\\Events\\Manager", true),
			"transactionManager": new Service("transactionManager", "Phalcon\\Mvc\\Model\\Transaction\\Manager", true)



Have fun with Phalcon!