Chrome OS 一个新的窗口管理器

看样子Google 在将Chrome OS 发展成一个桌面操作系统。

安装了Chrome OS 最新的 Dev频道发行的Chromebook用户会惊讶地看到,Chrome OS 变得有点像桌面操作系统了。

Google 之前已经开发出了一个名叫 Aura 的窗口管理器,将桌面OS的特性融入Chrome OS。Chrome OS 现在有了一个桌面,一个任务栏;应用放在了桌面;对墙纸和重叠窗口有了支持。

据 Chrome 工程师所 称,Aura 是一个硬件加速的“Chrome UI 用户界面框架”,提供“只能在硬件加速的支持下才能提供的丰富的视觉效果、大型动画过渡和特效”。Aura 跨平台,并且应能“为各种硬件上的Chrome 和ChromeOS 提供一个弹性的窗口系统和shell 的基础”。

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最新的Chrome OS 发行只对三星和宏基Chromebook可用;Cr-48 Chromebook将跳过Chrome 19。

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A New Window Manager for Chrome OS
Monday, April 09, 2012

Chromebook users who install the latest Dev channel release of Chrome OS will be surprised to notice that Chrome OS looks more like a desktop operating system.

Google has been working on a new window manager called Aura that brings many features of a desktop OS. Chrome OS now has a desktop, a taskbar, apps are placed on the desktop, there's support for wallpapers and overlapping windows.

According to Chrome's engineers, Aura is a hardware-accelerated "user interface framework for Chrome UI" that offers "rich visuals, large-scale animated transitions and effects that can be produced only with the assistance of hardware acceleration". Aura is cross-platform and should "provide the foundation of a flexible windowing system and shell for Chrome and ChromeOS on a variety of form factors".

The latest Chrome OS release is only available for Samsung and Acer Chromebooks as Cr-48 Chromebooks will skip Chrome 19.