许多计划前往英国留学的学生都喜欢选择经济金融类专业,而在高中阶段选择A Level经济则可以为本科学习经济金融类专业打好基础。


1、A Level经济考试简介

CAIE考试局的A Level经济一共有四份试卷,大致分为选择题和大题。


 CAIE考试局A Level经济考试内容

在Edexcel考试局, 经济的4套试卷有明确的题型区分除了第四套题只有简答题之外,其余三套都包括选择题和简答题。


 Edexcel考试局A Level经济考试内容

2、A Level经济真题

1.The diagram below shows three aggregate demand (AD) andthree long-run aggregate supply (LRAS) curves for an economy, with the initialequilibrium at X.


What would be the most likely new long-runequilibrium position, A, B, C or D, following government policy to lower theexchange rate and to improve the quality of the labour force through retrainingprogrammes? 

2.Which one of the following is a fundamentaldeterminant of long-run aggregate supply?

A. Themultiplier

B. The outputgap

C. Realnational output

D. The institutional structure of the economy

3.Which one of the following is most likely to shiftthe short-run aggregate supply curve to the left? A rise in

A. moneywages.

B. governmentspending.

C. theexchange rate.

D. labour productivity. 

4.The diagram below shows two aggregate demand (AD)curves and the short-run aggregate supply (SRAS) curve for an economy.


The shift in aggregate demand from AD1 to AD2 couldhave been caused by an increase in

A. the price of raw materials.

B. the exchange rate.

C. labour productivity.

D. the budget deficit.

5.The diagram below shows aggregate demand (AD),short-run aggregate supply (SRAS) and long-run aggregate supply (LRAS) curves foran economy.


The economy is operating with

A. inflationary pressures.

B. cyclical unemployment.

C. under-used capacity.

D. a negative output gap