CCF A类会议或期刊----近两年表示学习相关论文

会议/期刊 论文
sigmod2021 Imminence Monitoring of Critical Events: A Representation Learning Approach.
neurips2020 Ultrahyperbolic Representation Learning.
neurips2020 Unsupervised Representation Learning by Invariance Propagation.
neurips2020 Self-Supervised Relational Reasoning for Representation Learning.
neurips2020 Distance Encoding: Design Provably More Powerful Neural Networks for Graph Representation Learning.
neurips2020 Self-supervised Co-Training for Video Representation Learning.
neurips2020 Large-Scale Adversarial Training for Vision-and-Language Representation Learning.
neurips2020 Cycle-Contrast for Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning.
neurips2020 Rotation-Invariant Local-to-Global Representation Learning for 3D Point Cloud.
neurips2020 Trade-offs and Guarantees of Adversarial Representation Learning for Information Obfuscation.
neurips2020 LoCo: Local Contrastive Representation Learning.
neurips2020 Does Unsupervised Architecture Representation Learning Help Neural Architecture Search?
neurips2020 Quantifying Learnability and Describability of Visual Concepts Emerging in Representation Learning.
neurips2020 Exploiting MMD and Sinkhorn Divergences for Fair and Transferable Representation Learning.
neurips2020 Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning from Hierarchical Grouping.
neurips2020 Functional Regularization for Representation Learning: A Unified Theoretical Perspective.
neurips2020 Representation Learning for Integrating Multi-domain Outcomes to Optimize Individualized Treatment.
neurips2020 Elastic-InfoGAN: Unsupervised Disentangled Representation Learning in Class-Imbalanced Data.
neurips2020 Handling Missing Data with Graph Representation Learning.
neurips2020 FLAMBE: Structural Complexity and Representation Learning of Low Rank MDPs.
neurips2020 COOT: Cooperative Hierarchical Transformer for Video-Text Representation Learning.
kdd2021 Subset Node Representation Learning over Large Dynamic Graphs.
kdd2021 Representation Learning on Knowledge Graphs for Node Importance Estimation.
kdd2021 DisenQNet: Disentangled Representation Learning for Educational Questions.
kdd2021 Privacy-Preserving Representation Learning on Graphs: A Mutual Information Perspective.
kdd2021 Geometric Graph Representation Learning on Protein Structure Prediction.
kdd2021 Extremely Compact Non-local Representation Learning.
kdd2021 A Transformer-based Framework for Multivariate Time Series Representation Learning.
kdd2021 Knowledge-Guided Efficient Representation Learning for Biomedical Domain.
kdd2021 Representation Learning for Predicting Customer Orders.
kdd2021 MugRep: A Multi-Task Hierarchical Graph Representation Learning Framework for Real Estate Appraisal.
kdd2021 Graph Representation Learning: Foundations, Methods, Applications and Systems.
kdd2020 Hierarchical Attention Propagation for Healthcare Representation Learning.
kdd2020 Data Compression as a Comprehensive Framework for Graph Drawing and Representation Learning.
kdd2020 Understanding Negative Sampling in Graph Representation Learning.
kdd2020 RECIPTOR: An Effective Pretrained Model for Recipe Representation Learning.
kdd2020 M2GRL: A Multi-task Multi-view Graph Representation Learning Framework for Web-scale Recommender Systems.
kdd2020 Personalized Image Retrieval with Sparse Graph Representation Learning.
kdd2020 Multi-modal Network Representation Learning.
ICDE2021 UniNet: Scalable Network Representation Learning with Metropolis-Hastings Sampling.
ICDE2021 Knowledge-Aware Group Representation Learning for Group Recommendation.
ICDE2021 T3S: Effective Representation Learning for Trajectory Similarity Computation.
ICDE2020 TransN: Heterogeneous Network Representation Learning by Translating Node Embeddings.
ICDE2020 Temporal Network Representation Learning via Historical Neighborhoods Aggregation.
ACMMM2021 Modeling the Uncertainty for Self-supervised 3D Skeleton Action Representation Learning.
ACMMM2021 Dense Semantic Contrast for Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning.
ACMMM2021 Adaptive Normalized Representation Learning for Generalizable Face Anti-Spoofing.
ACMMM2021 Skeleton-Contrastive 3D Action Representation Learning.
ACMMM2021 DSANet: Dynamic Segment Aggregation Network for Video-Level Representation Learning.
ACMMM2021 Self-supervised Consensus Representation Learning for Attributed Graph.
ACMMM2021 Is Visual Context Really Helpful for Knowledge Graph? A Representation Learning Perspective.
ACMMM2021 Disentangled Representation Learning and Enhancement Network for Single Image De-Raining.
ACMMM2021 Video Representation Learning with Graph Contrastive Augmentation.
ACMMM2021 Reproducibility Companion Paper: Self-supervised Video Representation Learning Using Inter-intra Contrastive Framework.
ACMMM2021 Cross-View Representation Learning for Multi-View Logo Classification with Information Bottleneck.
ACMMM2021 Multi-modal Representation Learning for Video Advertisement Content Structuring.
ACMMM2021 VQMG: Hierarchical Vector Quantised and Multi-hops Graph Reasoning for Explicit Representation Learning.
ACMMM2020 Cognitive Representation Learning of Self-Media Online Article Quality.
ACMMM2020 Self-supervised Video Representation Learning Using Inter-intra Contrastive Framework.
ACMMM2020 Look, Listen, and Attend: Co-Attention Network for Self-Supervised Audio-Visual Representation Learning.
ACMMM2020 Multi-modal Multi-relational Feature Aggregation Network for Medical Knowledge Representation Learning.
ACMMM2020-MUSE Unsupervised Representation Learning with Attention and Sequence to Sequence Autoencoders to Predict Sleepiness From Speech.
AAAI2021 GRASP: Generic Framework for Health Status Representation Learning Based on Incorporating Knowledge from Similar Patients.
AAAI2021 RSPNet: Relative Speed Perception for Unsupervised Video Representation Learning.
AAAI2021 Generalizable Representation Learning for Mixture Domain Face Anti-Spoofing.
AAAI2021 Dynamic Graph Representation Learning for Video Dialog via Multi-Modal Shuffled Transformers.
AAAI2021 Consensus Graph Representation Learning for Better Grounded Image Captioning.
AAAI2021 Reinforced Imitative Graph Representation Learning for Mobile User Profiling: An Adversarial Training Perspective.
AAAI2021 Self-Supervised Prototype Representation Learning for Event-Based Corporate Profiling.
AAAI2021 Context Matters: Graph-based Self-supervised Representation Learning for Medical Images.
AAAI2021 Uncertainty-Aware Multi-View Representation Learning.
AAAI2021 Disentangled Representation Learning in Heterogeneous Information Network for Large-scale Android Malware Detection in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond.
AAAI2021 IB-GAN: Disentangled Representation Learning with Information Bottleneck Generative Adversarial Networks.
AAAI2021 Multi-View Representation Learning with Manifold Smoothness.
AAAI2021 Train a One-Million-Way Instance Classifier for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning.
AAAI2021 HiABP: Hierarchical Initialized ABP for Unsupervised Representation Learning.
AAAI2021 Multi-View Information-Bottleneck Representation Learning.
AAAI2021 Enhancing Unsupervised Video Representation Learning by Decoupling the Scene and the Motion.
AAAI2021 SeCo: Exploring Sequence Supervision for Unsupervised Representation Learning.
AAAI2021 Distilling Localization for Self-Supervised Representation Learning.
AAAI2021 Self-supervised Pre-training and Contrastive Representation Learning for Multiple-choice Video QA.
AAAI2021 MERL: Multimodal Event Representation Learning in Heterogeneous Embedding Spaces.
AAAI2021 Circles are like Ellipses, or Ellipses are like Circles? Measuring the Degree of Asymmetry of Static and Contextual Word Embeddings and the Implications to Representation Learning.
AAAI2021 Robotic Manipulation with Reinforcement Learning, State Representation Learning, and Imitation Learning (Student Abstract).
AAAI2020 Modality to Modality Translation: An Adversarial Representation Learning and Graph Fusion Network for Multimodal Fusion.
AAAI2020 Author Name Disambiguation on Heterogeneous Information Network with Adversarial Representation Learning.
AAAI2020 Doctor2Vec: Dynamic Doctor Representation Learning for Clinical Trial Recruitment.
AAAI2020 AdaCare: Explainable Clinical Health Status Representation Learning via Scale-Adaptive Feature Extraction and Recalibration.
AAAI2020 Rule-Guided Compositional Representation Learning on Knowledge Graphs.
AAAI2020 Representation Learning with Multiple Lipschitz-Constrained Alignments on Partially-Labeled Cross-Domain Data.
AAAI2020 Graph Representation Learning via Ladder Gamma Variational Autoencoders.
AAAI2020 Hierarchically Clustered Representation Learning.
AAAI2020 Shared Generative Latent Representation Learning for Multi-View Clustering.
AAAI2020 Masking Orchestration: Multi-Task Pretraining for Multi-Role Dialogue Representation Learning.
AAAI2020 Semantics-Aligned Representation Learning for Person Re-Identification.
AAAI2020 Robust Multi-View Representation Learning (Student Abstract).
WWW2021 Dr.Emotion: Disentangled Representation Learning for Emotion Analysis on Social Media to Improve Community Resilience in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond.
WWW2021 Meta-HAR: Federated Representation Learning for Human Activity Recognition.
WWW2021 Structure-Augmented Text Representation Learning for Efficient Knowledge Graph Completion.
WWW2021 An Adversarial Transfer Network for Knowledge Representation Learning.
WWW2021 Multi-view Graph Contrastive Representation Learning for Drug-Drug Interaction Prediction.
WWW2021 A Novel Macro-Micro Fusion Network for User Representation Learning on Mobile Apps.
WWW2021 Multi-level Connection Enhanced Representation Learning for Script Event Prediction.
WWW2021C On Representation Learning for Scientific News Articles Using Heterogeneous Knowledge Graphs.
WWW2020 Graph Representation Learning via Graphical Mutual Information Maximization.
WWW2020 Few-Sample and Adversarial Representation Learning for Continual Stream Mining.
WWW2020 Adversarial Multimodal Representation Learning for Click-Through Rate Prediction.
WWW2020 A Generic Solver Combining Unsupervised Learning and Representation Learning for Breaking Text-Based Captchas.
WWW2020 Twitter User Location Inference Based on Representation Learning and Label Propagation.
WWW2020 Graph Enhanced Representation Learning for News Recommendation.
SIGIR2021 Temporal Knowledge Graph Reasoning Based on Evolutional Representation Learning.
SIGIR2021 Legal Judgment Prediction with Multi-Stage Case Representation Learning in the Real Court Setting.
SIGIR2021 Decoupling Representation Learning and Classification for GNN-based Anomaly Detection.
SIGIR2021 Retrieving Complex Tables with Multi-Granular Graph Representation Learning.
SIGIR2021 ECG Data Modeling and Analyzing via Deep Representation Learning and Nonparametric Hidden Markov Models.
SIGIR2021 Enhanced Representation Learning for Examination Papers with Hierarchical Document Structure.
SIGIR2021 Inductive Representation Learning in Temporal Networks via Mining Neighborhood and Community Influences.
SIGIR2020 GCN-Based User Representation Learning for Unifying Robust Recommendation and Fraudster Detection.
SIGIR2020 Encoding History with Context-aware Representation Learning for Personalized Search.
SIGIR2020 Guided Transformer: Leveraging Multiple External Sources for Representation Learning in Conversational Search.
SIGIR2020 Studying Product Competition Using Representation Learning.
SIGIR2020 Group-Aware Long- and Short-Term Graph Representation Learning for Sequential Group Recommendation.
ICML2021 Variational Empowerment as Representation Learning for Goal-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning.
ICML2021 Whitening for Self-Supervised Representation Learning.
ICML2021 Near-Optimal Representation Learning for Linear Bandits and Linear RL.
ICML2021 Scaling Up Visual and Vision-Language Representation Learning With Noisy Text Supervision.
ICML2021 Unsupervised Representation Learning via Neural Activation Coding.
ICML2021 A Representation Learning Perspective on the Importance of Train-Validation Splitting in Meta-Learning.
ICML2021 Causal Curiosity: RL Agents Discovering Self-supervised Experiments for Causal Representation Learning.
ICML2021 Decomposed Mutual Information Estimation for Contrastive Representation Learning.
ICML2021 Decoupling Representation Learning from Reinforcement Learning.
ICML2021 Robust Representation Learning via Perceptual Similarity Metrics.
ICML2021 Explainable Automated Graph Representation Learning with Hyperparameter Importance.
ICML2021 UniSpeech: Unified Speech Representation Learning with Labeled and Unlabeled Data.
ICML2021 Self-supervised Graph-level Representation Learning with Local and Global Structure.
ICML2020 Provable Representation Learning for Imitation Learning via Bi-level Optimization.
ICML2020 Representation Learning via Adversarially-Contrastive Optimal Transport.
ICML2020 A Free-Energy Principle for Representation Learning.
ICML2020 Contrastive Multi-View Representation Learning on Graphs.
ICML2020 Convex Representation Learning for Generalized Invariance in Semi-Inner-Product Space.
ICML2020 Adaptive Adversarial Multi-task Representation Learning.
ICML2020 Automatic Shortcut Removal for Self-Supervised Representation Learning.
ICML2020 Semiparametric Nonlinear Bipartite Graph Representation Learning with Provable Guarantees.
ICML2020 Informative Dropout for Robust Representation Learning: A Shape-bias Perspective.
ICML2020 Understanding Contrastive Representation Learning through Alignment and Uniformity on the Hypersphere.
ICML2020 Robust Graph Representation Learning via Neural Sparsification.
ICML2019 Flexibly Fair Representation Learning by Disentanglement.
ICML2019 Invariant-Equivariant Representation Learning for Multi-Class Data.
ICML2019 DeepMDP: Learning Continuous Latent Space Models for Representation Learning.
ICML2019 Multi-Object Representation Learning with Iterative Variational Inference.
ICML2019 Connectivity-Optimized Representation Learning via Persistent Homology.
ICML2019 A Theoretical Analysis of Contrastive Unsupervised Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Primitive Representation Learning for Scene Text Recognition.
CVPR2021 Discrimination-Aware Mechanism for Fine-Grained Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Partially View-Aligned Representation Learning With Noise-Robust Contrastive Loss.
CVPR2021 Spatially Consistent Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Differentiable Multi-Granularity Human Representation Learning for Instance-Aware Human Semantic Parsing.
CVPR2021 Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning by Tracking Patches in Video.
CVPR2021 A Large-Scale Study on Unsupervised Spatiotemporal Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 3D Human Action Representation Learning via Cross-View Consistency Pursuit.
CVPR2021 Cross-Modal Collaborative Representation Learning and a Large-Scale RGBT Benchmark for Crowd Counting.
CVPR2021 Unsupervised Hyperbolic Representation Learning via Message Passing Auto-Encoders.
CVPR2021 SelfDoc: Self-Supervised Document Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Spatiotemporal Contrastive Video Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Multimodal Contrastive Training for Visual Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Robust Representation Learning With Feedback for Single Image Deraining.
CVPR2021 CausalVAE: Disentangled Representation Learning via Neural Structural Causal Models.
CVPR2021 Unsupervised Degradation Representation Learning for Blind Super-Resolution.
CVPR2021 Representation Learning via Global Temporal Alignment and Cycle-Consistency.
CVPR2021 VideoMoCo: Contrastive Video Representation Learning With Temporally Adversarial Examples.
CVPR2021 Jigsaw Clustering for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Removing the Background by Adding the Background: Towards Background Robust Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 SSAN: Separable Self-Attention Network for Video Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Benchmarking Representation Learning for Natural World Image Collections.
CVPR2021 Seeing Out of the Box: End-to-End Pre-Training for Vision-Language Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Spatial Assembly Networks for Image Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning by Context and Motion Decoupling.
CVPR2021 Boosting Video Representation Learning With Multi-Faceted Integration.
CVPR2021 Exploring Simple Siamese Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Multi-Perspective LSTM for Joint Visual Representation Learning.
CVPR2021 Propagate Yourself: Exploring Pixel-Level Consistency for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Evolving Losses for Unsupervised Video Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Transformation GAN for Unsupervised Image Synthesis and Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Deep Representation Learning on Long-Tailed Data: A Learnable Embedding Augmentation Perspective.
CVPR2020 Global-Local Bidirectional Reasoning for Unsupervised Representation Learning of 3D Point Clouds.
CVPR2020 HigherHRNet: Scale-Aware Representation Learning for Bottom-Up Human Pose Estimation.
CVPR2020 Decoupled Representation Learning for Skeleton-Based Gesture Recognition.
CVPR2020 Towards Backward-Compatible Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Video Playback Rate Perception for Self-Supervised Spatio-Temporal Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Cross-Domain Face Presentation Attack Detection via Multi-Domain Disentangled Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Online Deep Clustering for Unsupervised Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Large Scale Video Representation Learning via Relational Graph Clustering.
CVPR2020 Towards Universal Representation Learning for Deep Face Recognition.
CVPR2020 Distribution-Induced Bidirectional Generative Adversarial Network for Graph Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Unsupervised Representation Learning for Gaze Estimation.
CVPR2020 Hierarchically Robust Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Momentum Contrast for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 12-in-1: Multi-Task Vision and Language Representation Learning.
CVPR2020 Gait Recognition via Semi-supervised Disentangled Representation Learning to Identity and Covariate Features.
CVPR2020 DeFeat-Net: General Monocular Depth via Simultaneous Unsupervised Representation Learning.
CVPRW2021 FReTAL: Generalizing Deepfake Detection Using Knowledge Distillation and Representation Learning.
CVPRW2021 Micro-Expression Recognition Based on Facial Graph Representation Learning and Facial Action Unit Fusion.
CVPRW2021 Radar Camera Fusion via Representation Learning in Autonomous Driving.
CVPRW2020 Semi-supervised 3D Face Representation Learning from Unconstrained Photo Collections.
CVPRW2020 Visual Commonsense Representation Learning via Causal Inference.
CVPRW2020 A Cyclically-Trained Adversarial Network for Invariant Representation Learning.
CVPRW2020 Representation Learning of Histopathology Images using Graph Neural Networks.
ICCV2021 Guided Representation Learning for the Classification of Hematopoietic Cells.
ICCV2021 Self-Supervised Representation Learning using Visual Field Expansion on Digital Pathology.
ICCV2021 MRGAN: Multi-Rooted 3D Shape Representation Learning with Unsupervised Part Disentanglement.
ICCV2021 Sparse Feature Representation Learning for Deep Face Gender Transfer.
ICCV2019 Switchable Whitening for Deep Representation Learning.
ICCV2019 Self-Supervised Representation Learning From Multi-Domain Data.
ICCV2019 ERL-Net: Entangled Representation Learning for Single Image De-Raining.
ICCV2019 Adversarial Representation Learning for Text-to-Image Matching.
ICCV2019 Scaling and Benchmarking Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning.
ICCV2019 Symmetric Graph Convolutional Autoencoder for Unsupervised Graph Representation Learning.
ICCV2019 Neural 3D Morphable Models: Spiral Convolutional Networks for 3D Shape Representation Learning and Generation.
ICCV2019 Transferable Representation Learning in Vision-and-Language Navigation.
ICCV2019 VideoBERT: A Joint Model for Video and Language Representation Learning.
ICCV2019 On the Global Optima of Kernelized Adversarial Representation Learning.
ICCV2019 Self-Supervised Representation Learning via Neighborhood-Relational Encoding.
ICCV2019 Joint Syntax Representation Learning and Visual Cue Translation for Video Captioning.
ACL2021 VoxPopuli: A Large-Scale Multilingual Speech Corpus for Representation Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning and Interpretation.
ACL2021 Align Voting Behavior with Public Statements for Legislator Representation Learning.
ACL2021 Lightweight Cross-Lingual Sentence Representation Learning.
ACL2021 Bootstrapped Unsupervised Sentence Representation Learning.
ACL2021 Semantic Relation-aware Difference Representation Learning for Change Captioning.
ACL2021 Incorporating Global Information in Local Attention for Knowledge Representation Learning.
ACL2021 An Evaluation of Disentangled Representation Learning for Texts.
ACL2021 Language-Mediated, Object-Centric Representation Learning.
ACL2021 Improving Event Causality Identification via Self-Supervised Representation Learning on External Causal Statement.
ACL2021 Knowledge-Empowered Representation Learning for Chinese Medical Reading Comprehension: Task, Model and Resources.
ACL2021 JointGT: Graph-Text Joint Representation Learning for Text Generation from Knowledge Graphs.
ACL2021 Named Entity Recognition through Deep Representation Learning and Weak Supervision.
ACL2021 Disentangled Code Representation Learning for Multiple Programming Languages.
ACL2020 SPECTER: Document-level Representation Learning using Citation-informed Transformers.
ACL2020 Bayesian Hierarchical Words Representation Learning.
ACL2020 A Comprehensive Analysis of Preprocessing for Word Representation Learning in Affective Tasks.
ACL2020 Representation Learning for Information Extraction from Form-like Documents.
ACL2020 Improving Disentangled Text Representation Learning with Information-Theoretic Guidance.
ACL2020 Unsupervised Cross-lingual Representation Learning at Scale.
IJCAI2021 Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning with Constrained Spatiotemporal Jigsaw.
IJCAI2021 Multi-Scale Contrastive Siamese Networks for Self-Supervised Graph Representation Learning.
IJCAI2021 Time-Series Representation Learning via Temporal and Contextual Contrasting.
IJCAI2021 Unsupervised Path Representation Learning with Curriculum Negative Sampling.
IJCAI2021 TAXOGAN: Hierarchical Network Representation Learning via Taxonomy Guided Generative Adversarial Networks (Extended Abstract).
IJCAI2021-mrc Explainable AI: a narrative review at the crossroad of Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Representation and Representation Learning.
IJCAI2020 G2RL: Geometry-Guided Representation Learning for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation.
IJCAI2020 Joint Representation Learning of Legislator and Legislation for Roll Call Prediction.
IJCAI2020 Communicative Representation Learning on Attributed Molecular Graphs.
IJCAI2020 Unsupervised Representation Learning by Predicting Random Distances.
IJCAI2020 TransRHS: A Representation Learning Method for Knowledge Graphs with Relation Hierarchical Structure.
IJCAI2020 HID: Hierarchical Multiscale Representation Learning for Information Diffusion.
IJCAI2020 Exploiting Mutual Information for Substructure-aware Graph Representation Learning.
IJCAI2020 On the Importance of Word and Sentence Representation Learning in Implicit Discourse Relation Classification.
IJCAI2020 Multi-View Joint Graph Representation Learning for Urban Region Embedding.
IJCAI2020 Emoji-Powered Representation Learning for Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification (Extended Abstract).
IJCAI2020 Heterogeneous Network Representation Learning.
IJCAI2020 A Survey on Representation Learning for User Modeling.
IJCAI2020 Social Network Analysis using RLVECN: Representation Learning via Knowledge-Graph Embeddings and Convolutional Neural-Network.
IJCAI2020 Generalized Representation Learning Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning.
TPAMI2022 Pose-Guided Representation Learning for Person Re-Identification.
TPAMI2021 Distributed Variational Representation Learning.
TPAMI2021 Discriminative Video Representation Learning Using Support Vector Classifiers.
TPAMI2021 Semi-Supervised Multi-View Deep Discriminant Representation Learning.
TPAMI2021 Relationship-Embedded Representation Learning for Grounding Referring Expressions.
TPAMI2021 Deep High-Resolution Representation Learning for Visual Recognition.
TPAMI2021 Multi-View Representation Learning With Deep Gaussian Processes.
IJCV2022 Physical Representation Learning and Parameter Identification from Video Using Differentiable Physics.
IJCV2021 View Transfer on Human Skeleton Pose: Automatically Disentangle the View-Variant and View-Invariant Information for Pose Representation Learning.
IJCV2021 Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in the Wild via Disentangling Representation Learning.
IJCV2021 Unsupervised Deep Representation Learning for Real-Time Tracking.
IJCV2021 Context-Enhanced Representation Learning for Single Image Deraining.
IJCV2020 Representation Learning on Unit Ball with 3D Roto-translational Equivariance.
IJCV2020 Disentangled Representation Learning of Makeup Portraits in the Wild.
IJCV2020 Tensorized Multi-view Subspace Representation Learning.
JMLR2022 solo-learn: A Library of Self-supervised Methods for Visual Representation Learning.
JMLR2020 Representation Learning for Dynamic Graphs: A Survey.
TOIS2022 Hierarchical Hyperedge Embedding-Based Representation Learning for Group Recommendation.
TOIS2022 Knowledge-Guided Disentangled Representation Learning for Recommender Systems.
TOIS2022 Joint Representation Learning with Relation-Enhanced Topic Models for Intelligent Job Interview Assessment.
TOIS2021 Multi-Response Awareness for Retrieval-Based Conversations: Respond with Diversity via Dynamic Representation Learning.
TOIS2020 Fine-Grained Privacy Detection with Graph-Regularized Hierarchical Attentive Representation Learning.
TKDE2022 Item Concept Network: Towards Concept-Based Item Representation Learning.
TKDE2021 Spatiotemporal Representation Learning for Driving Behavior Analysis: A Joint Perspective of Peer and Temporal Dependencies.
TKDE2021 Shifu2: A Network Representation Learning Based Model for Advisor-Advisee Relationship Mining.
TKDE2021 A Comparative Study for Unsupervised Network Representation Learning.
TKDE2020 Deep Inductive Graph Representation Learning.
TKDE2020 Structural Representation Learning for User Alignment Across Social Networks.
IEEE2021 Toward Causal Representation Learning.