Deploy static web pages for free with 4everland

Some people may suffer from the lack of a server to display the front-end interface after developing the DAPP. Here I recommend a free WEB3 tool for deploying static web pages. 4EVERLAND is a Web3.0 cloud computing platform that can help developers quickly create and publish based on IPFS. As well as managing DWeb. At the same time, 4EVERLAND plans to provide persistent hosting and global acceleration services for all DWeb and will also provide all developers with 40G of free storage space and free network services to facilitate developers to experience quickly.
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Official documentation:
Create a new repository in github and set it to Public
Click Create repository and then Upload files to github repository
Go back to the cell-evolution-app folder and run:

rm -rf .git
git init
git add .
git commit -m 'Whatever you want to say'
git branch -M main

Note that the next command is related to your own github account and the repository you created (everyone is different)

git remote add origin'your username'/'your repository name'.git

Next step
git push -u origin main
Enter the GitHub username and password in turn, and press Enter.
Upload repository files on 4everland
Open 4everland official website, Click Login in the upper right corner
Log in with your github account.
Click Connect to Git in the middle
Select the repository you just created
Click Deploy by default
Click Build and Output Settings, select Build command, enter yarn build, and click Deploy
wait a few minutes
Click on Visit
Switch the network to Rinkeyby, and the ETH address information appears in the upper right corner, indicating that the configuration is correct
When the deployment is successful for a period, the short address will appear below.