How to set up a React app and how to deploy it with 4everland.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. In this guide, we will cover how to set up a React app with Create React App and how to deploy it with 4everland.
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Step 1: Set Up Your React Project
Start by setting up your React application using the Create React App (CRA) CLI tool. With this, you can generate a project to start and run React.
To create a new app, you may choose yarn, npx or npm, following is the method of npm:

If you would prefer other methods, please check Create React App (// for more information.
Step 2: Deploying Your React Project with 4everland
To deploy a React project with 4everland for Git, make sure it has been pushed to GitHub repository.
Start a deployment, click on "Import", then select your connected Git account.

  1. Setup Root Directory
    Setup the root directory, for most of the project just keep it default, for monorepo, a sub directory could be selected, this is where npm install and build command runs.
    2: Configurate Build Settings
    A default framework should be selected after root directory is set. A framework would have default Build Commands and Output Directory, switch on Override to override default settings.
    3: Environment Variables
    Optionally, Set Environment Variables if required, which could be accessed via process.env.VARIABLE_NAME in your code.
    4: Checkout build status
    Build status:
    • Created: A new task is created
    • Queued: The task is pending in a queue, should be processed soon
    • Running: The task is running in progress
    • Success: All building steps, deployment steps is done
    • Failure: Exception/Error while building or deploy the sit
    5: Checkout deployment history
    • Click on the logo to return to the project list
    • Click on a project to check out details
    • Click on Deployments on the navigation tab to checkout deployment histories
    If the build steps failed and build settings needs to be updated, checkout Project Settings.