allow_system_table_mods Allows modifications of the structure of system tables. 允许修正系统表的构造。
application_name Sets the application name to be reported in statistics and logs. 设置要在统计和日志中报告的应用程序称号。
archive_command Sets the shell command that will be called to archive a WAL file. 设置将调用的命令来归档一个文件。
archive_mode Allows archiving of WAL files using archive_command. 允许运用archive_command WAL文件归档。
archive_timeout Forces a switch to the next xlog file if a new file has not been started within N seconds. 强迫切换到下一个文件,假如一个新Xlog文件尚未在N秒开端。
array_nulls Enable input of NULL elements in arrays. 启用数组中null元素的输入。
authentication_timeout Sets the maximum allowed time to complete client authentication. 设置完成客户端身份考证的最大允许时间。
autovacuum Starts the autovacuum subprocess. 开端autovacuum子。
autovacuum_analyze_scale_factor Number of tuple inserts, updates, or deletes prior to analyze as a fraction of reltuples. 元组的插入、更新或删除数,剖析作为reltuples分数之前。
autovacuum_analyze_threshold Minimum number of tuple inserts, updates, or deletes prior to analyze. 在剖析之前插入、更新或删除的最小元组数。
autovacuum_freeze_max_age Age at which to autovacuum a table to prevent transaction ID wraparound. 年龄在autovacuum表以避免事务ID的概括。
autovacuum_max_workers Sets the maximum number of simultaneously running autovacuum worker processes. 组同时运转autovacuum工人最大进程数。
autovacuum_naptime Time to sleep between autovacuum runs. 睡觉的时间autovacuum之间运转。
autovacuum_vacuum_cost_delay Vacuum cost delay in milliseconds, for autovacuum. 真空本钱延迟毫秒,关于autovacuum。
autovacuum_vacuum_cost_limit Vacuum cost amount available before napping, for autovacuum. 真空本钱金额可用午睡前后,为autovacuum。
autovacuum_vacuum_scale_factor Number of tuple updates or deletes prior to vacuum as a fraction of reltuples. 一些元组更新或删除reltuples真空作为一局部之前。
autovacuum_vacuum_threshold Minimum number of tuple updates or deletes prior to vacuum. 在真空之前元组更新或删除的最小数目。
backslash_quote Sets whether "\'" is allowed in string literals. 设置字符串文本中能否允许“\”。
bgwriter_delay Background writer sleep time between rounds. 背景作家轮间睡眠时间。
bgwriter_lru_maxpages Background writer maximum number of LRU pages to flush per round. 背景的作家最大数量的LRU页面刷新每轮。
bgwriter_lru_multiplier Multiple of the average buffer usage to free per round. 均匀缓冲区运用量的倍数为每轮免费。
block_size Shows the size of a disk block. 显现磁盘块的大小。
bonjour Enables advertising the server via Bonjour. 使广告效劳器经过卓悦。
bonjour_name Sets the Bonjour service name. 集的Bonjour效劳称号。
bytea_output Sets the output format for bytea. 集bytea输出格式。
check_function_bodies Check function bodies during CREATE FUNCTION. 在创立函数期间检查函数体。
checkpoint_completion_target Time spent flushing dirty buffers during checkpoint, as fraction of checkpoint interval. 在检查点中肃清脏缓冲区的时间,作为检查点距离的一局部。
checkpoint_segments Sets the maximum distance in log segments between automatic WAL checkpoints. 设置自动检查点之间的日志段的最大间隔。
checkpoint_timeout Sets the maximum time between automatic WAL checkpoints. 设置自动检查点之间的最大时间。
checkpoint_warning Enables warnings if checkpoint segments are filled more frequently than this. 假如检查点段填充比此更频繁,则启用正告。
client_encoding Sets the client's character set encoding. 设置客户端的字符集编码。
client_min_messages Sets the message levels that are sent to the client. 设置发送给客户机的音讯级别。
commit_delay Sets the delay in microseconds between transaction commit and flushing WAL to disk. 在事务提交和刷新到磁盘之间设置延迟微秒。
commit_siblings Sets the minimum concurrent open transactions before performing commit_delay. 设置最小并发公开买卖前执行commit_delay。
config_file Sets the server's main configuration file. 设置效劳器的主配置文件。
constraint_exclusion Enables the planner to use constraints to optimize queries. 使规划人员可以运用约束来优化查询。
cpu_index_tuple_cost Sets the planner's estimate of the cost of processing each index entry during an index scan. 在索引扫描期间设置方案者对处置每个索引项的本钱的估量值。
cpu_operator_cost Sets the planner's estimate of the cost of processing each operator or function call. 设置方案者对每个操作员或函数调用途理本钱的估量值。
cpu_tuple_cost Sets the planner's estimate of the cost of processing each tuple (row). 设置方案程序处置每个元组(行)的本钱的估量值。
cursor_tuple_fraction Sets the planner's estimate of the fraction of a cursor's rows that will be retrieved. 设置要检索的游标行的小数局部的方案者的估量值。
data_directory Sets the server's data directory. 设置效劳器的数据目录。
DateStyle Sets the display format for date and time values. 设置日期和时间值的显现格式。
db_user_namespace Enables per-database user names. 启用每个数据库用户名。
deadlock_timeout Sets the time to wait on a lock before checking for deadlock. 在检查死锁之前设置等候锁的时间。
debug_assertions Turns on various assertion checks. 翻开各种断言检查。
debug_pretty_print Indents parse and plan tree displays. 缩进的解析和方案树显现。
debug_print_parse Logs each query's parse tree. 记载每个查询的解析树。
debug_print_plan Logs each query's execution plan. 记载每个查询的执行方案。
debug_print_rewritten Logs each query's rewritten parse tree. 记载每个查询重写的解析树。
default_statistics_target Sets the default statistics target. 设置默许统计目的。
default_tablespace Sets the default tablespace to create tables and indexes in. 设置默许表空间以创立表和索引。
default_text_search_config Sets default text search configuration. 设置默许文本搜索配置。
default_transaction_deferrable Sets the default deferrable status of new transactions. 套新事务的默许延迟状态。
default_transaction_isolation Sets the transaction isolation level of each new transaction. 设置每个新事务的事务隔离级别。
default_transaction_read_only Sets the default read-only status of new transactions. 设置新事务的默许只读状态。
default_with_oids Create new tables with OIDs by default. 创立新表时默许。
dynamic_library_path Sets the path for dynamically loadable modules. 设置动态可加载模块的途径。
effective_cache_size Sets the planner's assumption about the size of the disk cache. 设置规划程序关于磁盘缓存大小的假定。
effective_io_concurrency Number of simultaneous requests that can be handled efficiently by the disk subsystem. 磁盘子系统能够高效处置的同时恳求数。
enable_bitmapscan Enables the planner's use of bitmap-scan plans. 使规划人员运用位图扫描方案。
enable_hashagg Enables the planner's use of hashed aggregation plans. 使方案运用哈希聚合方案。
enable_hashjoin Enables the planner's use of hash join plans. 使方案人员运用哈希衔接方案。
enable_indexonlyscan Enables the planner's use of index-only-scan plans. 使规划人员只运用索引扫描方案。
enable_indexscan Enables the planner's use of index-scan plans. 允许方案人员运用索引扫描方案。
enable_material Enables the planner's use of materialization. 允许筹划者运用物化。
enable_mergejoin Enables the planner's use of merge join plans. 使方案人员运用兼并联接方案。
enable_nestloop Enables the planner's use of nested-loop join plans. 使筹划者可以运用嵌套循环衔接方案。
enable_seqscan Enables the planner's use of sequential-scan plans. 使规划人员运用次第扫描方案。
enable_sort Enables the planner's use of explicit sort steps. 使规划人员运用显式排序步骤。
enable_tidscan Enables the planner's use of TID scan plans. 使方案运用TID扫描方案。
escape_string_warning Warn about backslash escapes in ordinary string literals. 正告在普通字符串中的反斜杠。
event_source Sets the application name used to identify PostgreSQL messages in the event log. 设置用于肯定在事情日志音讯的应用程序称号PostgreSQL。
exit_on_error Terminate session on any error. 终止任何错误的会话。
external_pid_file Writes the postmaster PID to the specified file. 将邮政局长PID写入指定的文件。
extra_float_digits Sets the number of digits displayed for floating-point values. 设置显现浮点值的位数。
from_collapse_limit Sets the FROM-list size beyond which subqueries are not collapsed. 设置从列表的大小超越该子查询不倒塌。
fsync Forces synchronization of updates to disk. 强迫更新到磁盘的同步。
full_page_writes Writes full pages to WAL when first modified after a checkpoint. 在检查点第一次修正后写入完好的页面。
geqo Enables genetic query optimization. 启用遗传查询优化。
geqo_effort GEQO: effort is used to set the default for other GEQO parameters. geqo:努力是用来为其他geqo参数设置默许。
geqo_generations GEQO: number of iterations of the algorithm. geqo:算法的迭代次数。
geqo_pool_size GEQO: number of individuals in the population. geqo:群体中的个体数。
geqo_seed GEQO: seed for random path selection. geqo:种子随机途径选择。
geqo_selection_bias GEQO: selective pressure within the population. geqo:在人口压力。
geqo_threshold Sets the threshold of FROM items beyond which GEQO is used. 设置阈值的物品之外,geqo运用。
gin_fuzzy_search_limit Sets the maximum allowed result for exact search by GIN. 设置杜松子酒准确搜索的最大允许结果。
hba_file Sets the server's "hba" configuration file. 设置效劳器的HBA配置文件。
hot_standby Allows connections and queries during recovery. 允许恢复期间的衔接和查询。
hot_standby_feedback Allows feedback from a hot standby to the primary that will avoid query conflicts. 允许来自热备份的反应到主,防止查询抵触。
ident_file Sets the server's "ident" configuration file. 设置效劳器的“辨认”配置文件。
ignore_system_indexes Disables reading from system indexes. 禁用系统索引读取。
integer_datetimes Datetimes are integer based. 日期是基于整数。
IntervalStyle Sets the display format for interval values. 设置区间值的显现格式。