INST0001 Coursework Assignment Brief
Assignment Title Coursework
Component/Module INST0001 Database systems
Assignment Code AS01-INST0001
Set by D. Romano
Moderated by L. Dickens
Learning outcomes to be assessed:
Describe in brief how a business operates
Utilise standard graphical notations for communicating the form of the database to the customer and the
programmer in a standard manner
Analyse the requirements for business database, create and query it utilising the SQL language in a database
management system (this year XAMMP has been explained and MySQL)
Elicit the database specifications from brief documents
Perform the database conceptual requirements analysis
Describe the logical diagrammatic model of the data and how to normalise it
Submission requirements:
Brief Assignment
This assignment requires students to work in pairs towards describing a business case study,
and its database needs considering both the conceptual and normalised logical model of the
data. The student must also demonstrate the ability to query the database and the data
resulting from such queries.
The complete coursework will be produced in the form of a report that represents 20% of
the final mark.
Conditions Assignment Submission must be completed through a designated Moodle Area:
Make sure the course code (INST0001) and your name and the name of the other person you
have worked with are clearly marked below the report tile.
Only one student can submit for the pair.
Marking Criteria
and Weighting
These are described in Appendix A below.
The assignment is worth 20 % of the overall assessment for this course
This assignment must be completed: Report (in pairs)
Date work set (provisional): 07/02/2019
Date and time due in (provisional): 15/03/2019 - for the submission of the report
Standard lateness penalty will apply.
The target date for the return of marked work and full feedback
(provisional): Marked work is returned on: 12/04/2019
(tentatively within 4 weeks, according to DIS policy)
A detailed description of the assignment is
available at:
INST0001 Coursework Assignment Brief
Detailed Assignment Description
You are building an online business database of your choice. The database must have the followings
A manner for the customer to login to the online system
the list of product and their attributes (e.g. price, which should range between £1.00 to £100)
Customer transaction history (e.g. what they bought, how many items, and all the data relevant to the
You need to produce a Written Report (1500 word max) which includes the title of the report, the authors
(and percentage each has contributed to its creation) and the following:
A. (23% of mark) Customer Brief – this is an essential part of both the project development and the
contract with the client as it helps guarantee that the work for a project will be done according to
specific guidelines and expectations of the client. Your brief should include:
o An Overview of what the business does (a short paragraph of max 500 words)
o A Concept Table (who, when, where, why, how)
o A conceptual model of the business and its attributes (e.g. main tables and columns needed in
the database) displayed visually in two manners as:
§ Axis Technique
§ Conceptual ER model
o A definition of all the key-works utilised by the business and their meanings.
B. (25% of mark) Show how from the conceptual ER model you have produced the logical ER model and
normalised it. In the report you need to present:
o First logical ER model (this is likely to be the same as the Conceptual ER model, where you
have ensured it has all the columns, but might not have all the keys)
o Logical ER model (1NF)
o Logical ER model (2NF)
o Logical ER model (3NF)
C. (10% of mark) Build the database in XAMMP (in the report you should provide the screen-shots of the
database creation)
o Create the database
o Create all the tables, with columns and keys
D. (32% of mark) Code the following queries in XAMMPS (in the report provide the screen-shots of the
queries code and results/print out):
o Produce a list of items which are low stock (e.g. below 20 items in the warehouse)
o Produce a list of customers that live in specific UK city that bought items above £20.00
o List the products of the company that have sold the most in the last month
o Produce an invoice on that day (date) for a specific customer (customer name and address)
that has more than one item and more than one quantity, and the total to be paid by the
E. (10 % of mark) Composition of report
o Include a table of content and figures
o Include all screen-shot and graphics. These must be readable, that is of good quality and
appropriate for the size of the paper
o Ensure spelling and grammars have been taken care off.
v A penalty reduction by a grade will be applied for every additional 500 words used.
v Penalties are applied for late submissions (refer to the department guidelines).
v The Marking Scheme in Appendix A provides further details on how your work will be marked and can be used to guide
your work. Please study the marking scheme carefully and use it as a checklist before submitting the work.
v Students that do not work in pairs as directed will be penalised unless a special exemption has been granted.
v You may consult the lecturer or ask for further advice about your coursework by posting a query on the Moodle
INST001- Database Systems
REPORT Criteria Inadequate
(up to 39)
Very Good
Is the report readable,
well-structured with no
grammatical errors?
There is little or no
evidence of thought
about structure, and
the document's
readability and
grammar are severely
There is a structure;
however, the document
is still hard to read
and/or has severe
grammatical errors
There is some evidence
of thought towards
structure, but poor
choices impair
readability and
The report is
structured, perhaps
using sub-headings or
paragraphs to direct
the reader through the
content, has good use
of language, and figures
are readable
The report is wellstructured,
using sub-headings or
paragraphs to lead the
reader through the
material, has good use
of language, and the
figures are legible. The
content is well
Excellent writing and
style, topics excellently
explained visualised
and structured
Does the report
contain all the items
required in the
description? Have
these items been well
(e.g. A,B,C,D, E)
Most items are
missing or are not well
The majority of items
requested are missing or
incomplete, or they have
a poor execution
The majority or all
items are present;
however, they might
not be well executed or
All items requested are
present and well
executed and described
All items are present,
very well executed,
very well described
The report goes well
above the task and
guidelines provided
Does the report explain
how the work was
(e.g. collaboration
The report does not describe how the work was
The report
explains adequately
how the work was
distributed, however,
the collaboration
declaration is missing
or both members of the
pair have not signed
the table
The report describes how work was apportioned.
The collaboration declaration is present and
signed by all group members
The student has
how work was
distributed. The
student has evaluated
the way in which work
was apportioned.
Student Name: __ First Marker initials: __ Second Marker initials __
Elements assessed Comments Ratings
Composition of report 0 1 2 3 4 5
Completeness & Correctness of A 0 1 2 3 4 5
Completeness & Correctness of B 0 1 2 3 4 5
Completeness & Correctness of C 0 1 2 3 4 5
Completeness & Correctness of D 0 1 2 3 4 5
Completeness & Correctness of E 0 1 2 3 4 5
Pairs work 0 1 3 5