Salesforce 消息设计指南-1:Lightning Messaging Design Guideline


闪电消息传递框架是 Salesforce 生态系统中消息传递模式的设计指南。有效的消息传递灌输对系统的信任, 传达相关信息, 为用户创造快乐的时刻。


当 Y 发生时, 如何确定 X 的适当消息传递?




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General Guidelines


在为您的功能/产品设计消息时, 请记住这些原则:

及时, 不嘈杂。在正确的时间发送消息;并不是每一次互动都需要消息传递。

信息性的, 而不是冗长的。说什么是必要的, 而不是更多。

可操作, 而不是静态的。启用相关操作的快捷方式, 以提高效率。

交叉设备, 而不是重复。在适当的情况下, 在其所有设备上提醒用户, 但在用户阅读消息后清除消息。


图标可用于消息传递组件。在决定要在信息设计中使用哪个图标时, 请遵循以下准则:

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Messaging Overview

The Lightning Messaging Framework is a design guideline for messaging patterns in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Effective messaging instills trust in the system, communicates relevant information, & creates moments of delight for the user.

General Guidelines

How do I determine the appropriate messaging for x when y happens?

Select the appropriate messaging type based on user’s interaction with the application;

Pick a messaging component from the category that…Makes sense given the user flow & the UI;Has the appropriate level of prominence;

Examine which messaging state best characterizes the message.


Keep these principles in mind when you design messaging for your feature/product

Timely, not noisy.

Deliver messages at the right time. Not every interaction requires messaging to go with it.

Informative, not verbose.

Say what’s necessary and not much more.

Actionable, not static.

Enable shortcuts for relevant actions to improve efficiency.

Cross device, not duplicative.

When appropriate, alert users on all their devices, but clear the messaging once user has read it.


Icons may be used in messaging components. Follow these guidelines when deciding which icon to use in your messages.

SLDS:Messaging Overview