launch英 [lɔ:ntʃ]美 [lɔntʃ, lɑntʃ]vt.发射;发动;[计算机]开始(应用程序);开展(活动、计划等)vi.投入;着手进行;热衷于n.投掷;大船上的小艇;大型敞篷摩托艇NASA plans tolauncha satellite to study cosmic rays美国国家航空航天局计划发射一颗卫星上天,对宇宙射线进行研究。There was no time tolaunchthe lifeboats because thThere was no time tolaunchthe lifeboats because the ferry capsized with such alarming speed.渡轮瞬间倾覆,根本没时间放救生艇下水

bilateral英 [ˌbaɪˈlætərəl]美 [baɪˈlætərəl]adj.两侧的;双边的,双方的;双向的;双系的China and the United States concluded [ entered into] abilateraltrade agreement after long negotiations.中美两国通过长期谈判后订立了一项双边贸易协定。This is the basis on which ourbilateralrelations can and should continue to develop.这是两国关系应得到继续发展,并可能得到继续发展的基础。

consequential英 [ˌkɒnsɪˈkwenʃl]美 [ˌkɑ:nsəˈkwenʃl]adj.重要的;作为结果的,间接的The actual estimate for extra staff andconsequentialcosts such as accommodation was an annual £ 9.18m.额外聘请员工以及随之发生的食宿费用等实际估算下来为每年918万英镑。This new transformation is at least asconsequentialas that one was这一新的转变至少和那次一样重要。China and the United States concluded [ entered into] China and the United States concluded [ entered into] abilateraltrade agreement after long negotiations.中美两国通过长期谈判后订立了一项双边贸易协定。This is the basis on which ourbilateralrelations can and should continue to develop这是两国关系应得到继续发展,并可能得到继续发展的基础。

emitter英 [ɪ'mɪtə]美 [ɪ'mɪtə]n.发射器The region in a transistor between theemitterand the collector.晶体管中发射极和集电极之间的区域。We have the geometry, now it's time to create theemitter.我们有了几何体,现在要创建发射器。

confrontationˌkɒnfrʌnˈteɪʃn]美 [ˌkɑ:nfrənˈteɪʃn]n.对抗;对峙;面对;遭遇The issue has caused great tension between the two countries and could lead to a militaryconfrontation这个问题使得两国关系非常紧张,可能会导致军事对抗。The commission remains so weak that it will continue to avoidconfrontationwith governments.该委员会的力量仍然十分薄弱,所以将继续避免与各国政府发生对峙investment英 [ɪnˈvestmənt]美 [ɪnˈvɛstmənt]n.投资,investment英 [ɪnˈvestmənt]美 [ɪnˈvɛstmənt]n.投资,投资额;封锁;(时间、精力的)投入;值买的东西He said the government must introduce tax incentives to encourageinvestment他说政府必须推出税收激励政策来鼓励投资。You'll be able to earn an average rate of return of 8% on yourinvestments.你将能获得8%的平均投资收益率。

multinational英 [ˌmʌltiˈnæʃnəl]美 [ˌmʌltiˈnæʃənəl, -ˈnæʃnəl, -taɪ-]adj.跨国的;多国的The US troops would be part of amultinationalforce.美军将是多国部队的一个组成部分。In the mass production eramultinationalfirms tended to centralize their operation在大规模生产的时代,跨国公司往往实行集权化经营。

mandatory英 [ˈmændətəri]美 [ˈmændətɔ:ri]adj.强制的;命令的;受委托的Attendance ismandatory.务必参加。In a case of premeditated murder a life sentence ismandatory蓄意杀人依法要判无期徒刑

interfere英 [ˌɪntəˈfɪə(r)]美 [ˌɪntərˈfɪr]vi.干预,干涉;调interfere英 [ˌɪntəˈfɪə(r)]美 [ˌɪntərˈfɪr]vi.干预,干涉;调停,排解;妨碍,打扰I wish everyone would stopinterferingand just leave me alone我希望大家都别再来干涉我,让我一个人静一静。Drug problems frequentlyinterferedwith his work吸毒问题频频干扰他的工作。

emphasized英 [ˈemfəsaɪz]美 [ˈɛmfəˌsaɪz]vt.强调,着重;加强语气;使突出But it's also beenemphasizedthat no major policy changes can be expected to come out of the meeting但是也已经强调过,此次会议预计不会带来重大政策转变。Discuss pollution with your child,emphasizinghow nice a clean street, lawn, or park look和孩子讨论污染问题,强调清洁的街道、草地或公园有多么美丽。


This is an ambitious goal a fivefold  increased from current levels这是一个雄心勃勃的目标,比目前的水平增加了五倍。Our next generation of leaders, regardless of which pOur next generation of leaders, regardless of which professional path they pursue, must have a deep understanding of China to effectively manage the most important by bilateral relationship in the world that between  the US and China我们的下一代领导人,无论他们追求哪一条职业道路,都必须对中国有深刻的了解,以有效地管理世界上最重要的双边关系-美国和中国之间的关系Which引导定从 代指leaders 。that引导定从 代指relationship

Some worry that learning  another language at an early age will interfere with building the necessary reading and math skill that are emphasized today有人担心在很小的时候学习另一门语言会影响到今天所强调的必要的阅读和数学技能的培养。that引导宾从First there is the lack of clarity about effective curriculum which often requires school and school districts to start from scratch or adopt ineffective teaching tools that do not align with what students really need to know at different grades首先,对于有效的课程缺乏明确性,这通常要求学校和学区从头开始,或者采用与学生在不同年级真正需要了解的东西不一致的无效教学工具。which引导定从 定curriculum。that引导定从 定tools


The best way to understand China is Mandarin. More and more American students start to learn English. Our next generation of leaders, must have a deep understanding of China to effectively manage the most important bilateral relationship in the World.    The US and China are the two largest economies, they are nuclear powers with global reach and responsibility. We have to avoid disputes between the two countries, and set up a good relationship. Through trade and investment, the jobs they create in both countries. The future leaders who can manage the bilateral relationship effectively.    The opposite is true: students show that learning another language has a positive effect on brain development. So mandarin is more consequential, with significant global impact. If you want to be a responsible global citizen, you should understand China.


一.Each of the following statements contains information given in one of the paragraphs in this passage.Identify the paragraph from which the information is derived.You may choose a paragraph more than once.Each paragraph is marked with a letter.Answer the questions by filling the blanks with the corresponding letter.(下面的每一个陈述都包含了在这篇文章的一段中给出的信息。识别信息来源的段落。你可以多次选择一段话。每个段落都有一个字母标记。用相应的字母填空回答问题。)

G1.Public school budgets are being cut in many parts of the U.S.


A2.The1Million Strong Initiative was launched in2015.


J3.The U.S.lacks a sufficient number of Chinese-language teachers.


C4.The American and Chinese economies are the largest in the world.


K5.The author of the article studied Mandarin in college.


D6.American companies are inter in hiring employees who are multilingual.


K7.Theauthor'scousin was invited to China to teach English.


H8.Learning another language has a positive effect on the development of the brain


C9.America and China are theworld'sleading carbon-emitting countries.


F10.The best way to understand another culture is through language.


二.Translate the following passage from Chinese into English.中国梦与美国梦的不同是必然的,这是由历史、文化、经济、中国梦与美国梦的不同是必然的,这是由历史、文化、经济、地理因素决定的。两者的差别可以概括为如下几点:中国梦是国家的富强,美国梦是个人的富裕中国梦的目的是民族振兴,美国梦的目的是个人成功;中国梦必须由中国人自己来实现,美国梦可以利用其他国家的人才资源达到;中国梦是群体的和谐幸福,美国梦是个人的自由和快乐。

It is inevitable (adj. 必然的,不可避免的)that  Chinese Dream differs from American Dream,which is determined by historical,cultural,economic and geographic (adj. 地理的;地理学的 )factors.The differences can by summarized (v. 总结,概括;概述)(summarize的过去式及过去分词形式)by the following points:Chinese Dream aims at national prosperity  (n. 繁荣,成功)while American Dream highlights personal wealth.The goal of Chinese Dream is national revitalization ( n. 复兴;复苏;新生 )while that of American Dream is personal success.The former must be achieved by Chinese people themselves,while the latter can be accomplished via talents and resources of othem countries.Chinese Dream emphasizes( vt. 强调,着重) collective harmony (n. 协调;和睦;融洽;调和)and happiness,but America Dream stresses personal freedom and happiness.