This book isn't so easy as I expected.One reason is that there appears some new words. But the biggest obstacle is there are many 梗 in the book you can't even find them in the dictionary, let alone to ungerstand them.Anything is difficult before it gets easy. So I just tell myself :keep reading.

Chapter 1 was narrated by Bryce, and two was by Juli. Its writing style was similar to Wonder, I think this style can make reader better understanding the plot.Bryce was a shy boy and Juli was bold and she fell in love with him the first sight. And she tried to express her love in her own way , which bugged Bryce a lot. Mabey he was not so much into her then.The description of Juli's admiration for him was vivid.It reminds readers of their first love.Impressed by her bold way to show her love even when she was so young.