Lesson 51 ~ 55

Lesson 51 My girlfriend


  • complain 和 about 的关系如一对筷子
    1、People always complain about one thing why so plenty of people everywhere at holiday.
    2、She often complains about her old clothes and backpack.

  • ambitious
    1、Neighbor's kid is ambitious.
    2、 John has more money than Bob because he is more ambitious.

  • considerate
    1、 Mom is the most considerate person in my family.
    2、 I like her because she is considerate.

  • after all
    1、 Don't be complain about your parents. After all , they just care you.


  • I should be braver.

  • He should be gentler.

  • You should be more diligent.

  • I live in a crowded dormitory.

  • I live in a smaller house.

Lesson 52 Sam's OK


  • Beauty is only skin deep. 美丑不过一层皮


  • 当句子可以用Yes或者No 回答的时候,语调上扬。
  • Do you like coffee or tea?
  • Which one do you like better?


  • be proud of 以......为荣
  • My best friend is proud of my progress.

Lesson 53 County life


  • He is friendly with us. 与人友善
  • She lives a busy life. 忙碌生活
  • Safety first. 安全至上
  • I believe in saying. 相信这句格言
  • Live and learn. 活到老,学到老


  • above all 更重要的是
  • Learning is important. Above all, To be a man is more important.
  • We need money. Above all, we need love.
  • My mother told my little brother to take a relax. Above all , she told him to stop playing games.

Lesson 54 I like brighter colors


  • You have a bright future. 前途光明
  • I am new here. 人生地不熟
  • I am broke. 穷光蛋


  • frankly = to be frank with you 坦白说
  • naughty 美 /'nɔti/


  • My mother looks young for her age.
  • Frankly , I love you.
  • To be frank with you, I don't like you always lowing your head to play mobile phone.
  • Frankly, I make some mistakes.

Lesson 55 More is not always better.


  • More is not always better. 多未必佳


  • not necessarily 未必
  • The teacher isn't necessarily always right.
  • A good athlete is not necessarily a good husband.


  • as ...... as 和......一样
  • 第一个as是副词,一样地
  • 第二个as是连词,和
  • 两个as中间可以放形容词或者副词
  • She is competitive.
  • She is as competitive as my mother and aunt.
  • She works hard.
  • She works as hard as her boss.
  • I write seriously.
  • I write as seriously as my idol.


  • Some people work hard.
  • Some people work harder than you.
  • Some people have more money than you.
  • I have more free time than you.
  • I have less friend than you.
  • My brother is taller than me.
  • My brother is stronger than me.
  • My father is fatter than everyone in my family.