32. Thank you ,doctor.

1. 单词部分

better adj.  good跟well的比较级

certainly adv. 当然    I can certainly help you.     Can I user your bike?  Certainly.

get up  起床     go to bed / sleep.

yet adj. 还,仍

rich 油腻的 adj.

food n. 食物   fast food    sea food 海鲜   green food

remain v.保持,继续

2.  课文讲解

1.How are you?

How is he / she?

How is the weather?

2.He is better.

upstairs adv. 楼上   downstairs adv.楼下     go/come upstairs  上楼  go/come  downstairs 下楼

3. for + 时间    for three years 三年  for ever 永远

4. what about  关于, 大约

What about the dog?

every day  每天

each day 每一天中   强调个体

You must take the medicine three times each day.

Jimmy give Mr.Williams his cold.

3.  语法讲解

have (has)

使用的一些细节 :

1. 拥有   要不要加冠词 适情况而定

a. 可数名词

have an umbrella

have a bike

b. 不可数名次

have some water

2. 吃 ,喝

a. 可数名词单数

have an apple

have a biscuit

b. 不可数名词

have some coffee

3. 疾病

a. 流感  have flu  

have mesales

have mumps.

b. 除了这三个   都要+ 冠词

4. have + 名词 (动作、行为)


have a bath / rest/ swim / walk / try /talk

5. 经历

have a holiday . 度假

have a party  / class 上课

一般情况下,判断是否 是可数名词 ,如果是  + a/an

4. 单词句型讲解

1. play v.玩

They are playing in the garden.

play with...   play with a ball  / toy

2. match n. 火柴    matches

3. talk v.谈话   talk big 吹牛逼

4. library  图书馆

5. drive v.开车

6. so adv. 如此地   so happy   so easy  so nice

7. quickly adv. 块地   Quickly!   hurry up!

8.  lean out of 身体探出   lean  v.倾斜,倚靠   Don's lean out of window!

9. break v.打破        break the fast  = breakfast  早餐

10 . noise n. 噪音

11. make a nose 发出噪音



walk   walks  walking

1. 情态东西的后面 + 动词原形

He must stay at home.

She can help us.

2. 一般将来时  be going to

I am going to do my homework.

3. 祈使句  Don't + 动词原形

Be careful!

Don's drop it!

She often gets up early.

5.  知识拓展

He is going to have a swim.

He is going to have a meal.

They are going to have beer.

We are going to have a party.

Mary is going to have a holiday.

Sam is going to have a bath.

Lucy is going to have  a biscuit.

Tom is going to have an apple.