开场是Chad做得特别好的地方,他用一个场景创造了一个悬念。 用镜子来说明“你激励他人,也就是激励自己。”







I am staring at a guy and shouting at him.

“You made a wrong decision!”

He is trembling and pointing back at me with a silence.

I take a deep breath, and look at him

“But you are brave to challenge what you fear. I am proud of you.”

I Thumb up and he thumbs up back.

Dear contest chair and fellow toastmasters.

That guy is my reflection in the mirror.

When I look at a mirror, I look at myself.

When I talk to a mirror, I talk to myself.

My best friend Jack has been single for 30 years.

I always make fun of him.

“Single Dog Jack, what do you want most?”

He answers with his arms extending out.

“I want a Single Dog Rose”

You know what, at that moment, as his best friend, I will always sing a song for him

“Single dog, single dog. Single all the way.

Jack stares at me “Get out!”

Jack is a tough man, tall and muscular. But when it comes to speaking to a girl, he is a soft man. I thought his fate won’t change until I met the most shameless group of people..(和现场的Toastmaster会员开玩笑)

Everyone here enjoys talking, shaking, and saying.

“You did a great job.” (在场听众最常听到的点评套路)

You know whom I am talking about?

Once I saw a guy speaking without any body language, even his eyes didn’t blink.

A girl evaluated.

“You did a great job. You are so brave to open your mouth. What’s more, I can feel your heart is beating like a blazing fire.”

I was shocked.

“You are not toastmasters. You are Liemasters.”

“Fire. How ridiculous!”

The girl opened her eyes wide and said to me.

“Look into my eyes and what do you see?”

I leaned forward a little bit and shook my head “Nothing”.

She insisted “Closer”

As I went closer, my face began to fire. My nose was nearly touching hers.(用手指放在鼻尖,比划了两个人很近的距离)

“Do you want me to kiss you? But there are so many people staring at us”

She stared at me.

“Can you see yourself in my eyes?”

I said “Yes, it’s my reflection, so what?”

She pointed at that speaking guy.

“When I see him, I see myself. I see his fears as well as my own fears. So when I inspire him, I inspire myself.”

Wow, I could see what you are talking about.

I ran directly to Jack’s home and held his shoulders firmly looking into his eyes.

“Jack, I found a way to help you get rid of single dog fate.”

“Me and you.” (故意制造的“激情四射”)

“Not us. It is Liemasters.”

“Join it, things will change. There are lots of beautiful girls and they will encourage you to speak.”

Jack refused “No, I am afraid of speaking.”

“Single dog, single dog. Single all the way.

“OK, OK, I will do it.”

After attending Liemasters’ meeting, Jack held my hands.

“It is the first time that a girl shook my hands and she said she was looking forward to seeing me next time”.

“Thank you, Chad. You help me conquer my fear.”

And Jack continued.

“I know you also have something to fear. You told me your current job is boring, and you have been tired of it. What do you want? To be or not to be”

Jack’s words made me breathless. I argued

“To be means I will give up years of experience and accumulation. What if I fail to find a better one?”

Jack began to sing

“Boring job, boring job. Boring all the way.”

I sighed.

“OK. You win. By the way, that song is too bad.”

Like Jack and me, actually in everyone’s heart, there roots a desire to grow; there also hides a fear that holds us back. For me, everyone is a mirror. When I look into their eyes, I see my reflection, I see myself. I can see my desire as well as my fear. When I talk to them, I talk to myself. In fact, when I helped Jack, he helped me. Ladies and gentlemen, in my eyes is your reflection. What do you see?

Contest chair.