Willpower Day11

1.ensnare                    VERB


to make sb/sth unable to escape from a difficult situation or from a person who wants to control them 使入陷阱(或圈套、困境)

仿The bird was ensnared in a trap.

原. Once you start looking, it’s impossible not to see the many traps that have been laid to ensnare you, your dopamine neurons, and your money.

2.cloud                     VERB                  

1. the issue to make sth you are discussing or considering less clear, especially by introducing subjects that are not connected with it (尤指用無關的話題來)混淆,攪混(問題)

2.cloud sth              if sth cloudsyour judgement, memory, etc, it makes it difficult for you to understand or remember sth clearly 使難以理解;使記不清楚;使模糊

仿His mind was clouded by  tension .

原 far away from the dopamine that clouded your judgment.

3.relapse                      VERB

relapse(into sth) to go back into a previous condition or into a worse state after making an improvement 退回原狀;(好轉後)再倒退

仿He relapsed into regret.

原the fish bowl group was also far less likely to relapse than patients who received standard treatment—even without the continued promise of reward.

4.downright               ADJECTIVE

[only before noun ] used as a way of emphasizing sth negative or unpleasant (強調反面的或令人不快的事物)徹頭徹尾的,十足的,完全的

仿He is a downright liar.

原. Desire doesn’t always make us feel good—sometimes it makes us feel downright rotten.

5.give in

1.投降;认输 If you give in, you admit that you are defeated or that you cannot do something.

2. 屈从;让步

仿He gave in to difficulties.

原Then give yourself permission to give in.


An unpleasant chore can be made more appealing by introducing a reward.


Some people find that when they really pay attention to the experience of indulging, they need far less than they thought they would to feel satisfied.



Dopamine has two sides.On the one hand, it is a great motivator. It can motivate us to pursue our goals. On the other hand, it is an evil. It put too much pressure on us that makes us unhappy.Therefore, we can not judge whether it is good or bad. We should use its advantages to promote our least favorite tasks. On the contrary, we should not give in to its shortcomings.