1. lay down the law to sb (强硬粗鲁地)发号施令2. boss sb around 指使3. pony up 拿出一笔钱4. reassess=reappraise 重新评估5. away from =\towards6. box rivals 打击对手7. hare: dash from A to B 8. tortoise: extend its head cautiously beyond its carapace, taking slow, painstaking steps9. guiding principle 指导原则10. admonition=exhortation=warning11. keep a low profile, never take the lead12. the assembled throng 集会的人群  throng=crowd13. swap=exchange 交换14. dwell on a subject 多谈~话题15. strikingly pretty 非常美丽16. the incumbent power  the rising power17. more just and rational new world order 更加公平合理的世界新秩序18. responsible stakeholder负责的参与者19. flesh out=amplify充实20. in the realm of 在~领域21. as is sb’s wont 就像某人惯常那样22. distill the new thinking into numerical mnemonics 把一些新想法整理成大量金句23. distill sth into sth 把~整理成~24. on the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party25. go viral走红26. Southern Metropolis南方都市报27. envoy使者28. bolster the rule of law增强法治29. booster热心支持者30. be wary of小心翼翼的31. eschew有意回避   disavow 否认32. America-leaning country亲美国家33. rival sth与~匹敌34. come within a whisker of doing险些35. turn one’s back on不管不顾36. an active participants积极的参与者37. lingua franca通用语38. cut emission减排39. clout is bolstered影响力增强40. make sth a priority优先做