Cocoa Touch揭秘

1. 什么是Cocal Touch

Cocoa Touch is the collection of software frameworks that is
used to build iOS applications and the runtime that those applications are executed
within. Cocoa Touch includes hundreds of classes for managing everything from
buttons to URLs.

(Cocoa Touch是IOS构建应用程序的框架集合, 它包括了许多类用来操作IOS上的许多



2. IOS技术层

  Cocoa Touch揭秘

3. Cocoa Touch的库分类

  1) UIKit 

    负责应用程序的开始和结束, 界面和一些触摸事件

  2) Map Kit

    操作Google Map

  3) Game Kit

    网络, 媒体, 语音聊天


4. IOS程序生命周期

Cocoa Touch揭秘