Flutter Weekly Issue 69


  1. 京东技术中心 Flutter 实践之路
  2. 他把闲鱼APP长列表流畅度翻了倍(良心教程)
  3. Flutter中的Tree Shaking机制初探(科普文)
  4. Flutter Navigator2.0 完全指南与原理解析
  5. 深入进阶-从一次点击探寻Flutter事件分发原理


  1. flutter-intro

    A better way for new feature introduction and step-by-step users guide for your Flutter project.

  2. envify

    A better/safer way to handle environment variables in Flutter.

  3. ColorBlindnessFlutter

    Color Blindness on Flutter

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  4. camera-awesome

    A flutter plugin to handle Android / iOS camera

  5. slide-transition-animation

    Create your own custom SlideTransition combined with some animation in Flutter.

  6. microphone

    Flutter (web-only at this moment) plugin for recording audio (using the microphone).

  7. flutter-aws-polly

    A simple, unofficial AWS Polly client in dart. Supports generating a URL given an input text and voice identifier.

  8. video-thumbnail

    This plugin generates thumbnail from video file or URL. It returns image in memory or writes into a file. It offers rich options to control the image format, resolution and quality. Supports iOS and Android.

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  9. simple-animations

    Flutter package for creating awesome animations

  10. funvas

    Flutter fun canvas - Flutter package that allows creating canvas animations based on time and math functions.

  11. bubble-timeline

    A Flutter Widget to make interactive timeline widget.

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  12. fsm2

    FMS2 provides Dart implementation of the core design aspects of the UML state diagrams.

  13. icalendar-parser

    Flutter package to parse iCalendar (.ics) files.

  14. envify

    A better/safer way to handle environment variables in Flutter.

  15. freezed-uri-router

    Using freezed unions as a router for URIs.

  16. clock

    This package provides a Clock class which encapsulates the notion of the current time and provides easy access to points relative to the current time. Different Clocks can have a different notion of the current time, and the default top-level clock's notion can be swapped out to reliably test timing-dependent code.

  17. flutter-background-service

    A flutter plugin for execute dart code in background.

  18. fpsviewer

    A Real-time Fps Tool for Android

  19. flutter-bloc-devtools

    Remote DevTools for flutter_bloc. This package connects all Bloc (not working with Cubit) to the Remote Devtools Server, allowing the developer to inspect changes to the Blocs during runtime.


  1. Flutter-Weather-App

  1. taxi-app

    Flutter Uber Clone / Taxi App

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  1. Flutter-Automation

    A script for automating the creation and uploading a flutter project to github

  2. cpainterhelper

    a small script that converts adobe illustrator paths to dart for use in flutter

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