Day 1

STEP 1 1/14


1. acclaim


a . In her day she never received the critical acclaim she deserved.

b . Garcia's first novel was greeted with widespread acclaim.

c . In a recent poll, Glasgow won acclaim as Britain's most progressive city.

d . He is not the only one basking in acclaim.

e . The work was acclaimed as a masterpiece.


一般use passive

a .The university accredits a number of educational programmes in the area.

b .This degree programme is fully accredited by the Institution of Electrical Engineers,

c .Some of the organisations taking part protested that the delegates they had chosen were not being accredited.

d .He was accredited to Madrid.

e .He clearly lacked the wisdom usually accredited to old people.



additive-free orange juice

Strict safety tests are carried out on food additives.



He's usually very adept at keeping his life out of the media.

She's adept at fixing flaws in the system.

He switched adeptly between English and Italian.

He's an adept guitar player.

He's adept in several languages.


Her paintings adorn the walls.

The walls are adorned with her paintings.

His watercolor designs adorn a wide range of books.

They adorned themselves with jewerly.

She wore a dress adorned with lace and silk flowers.


(说起来最近看血管学了个intima media adventitia)

The advent of war led to a greater austerity.

Deptford had come alive with the advent of the new priest at St Paul's.

Our church is holding some new services during Advent.

the advent of new technology

the advent of spring