151201-Gamification-week 1-2

1-learning from game of design,psychology,management,markting,economics;

2-a game have goal,rules,and players attitude(自发的态度);

3-a game have a real or vitural boundaries(球场的实际的边界,或坐在电脑桌前进入虚拟的游记边界) ,after been involved in this domain,the player gonna to play it more concentrate;

4-paly is a free movement within a structure(玩是有许多自由的选择);

5-a game is a series of meaningful choices(游戏是一系列有目的性的选择);

6-Gamification: voluntariness,problem solving,balance of structure(设计游戏时需要给玩家足够的自由选择的空间,但同时需要玩家完成一系列规定的选择路径。是play和game的结合);

7-经典游戏模式:sandbox,building,social building,MMOGs(Massively Multiplayer Online Game大型多人在线游戏),puzzle(angry birds);

8-现实世界发展对gamification的影响:E business 2.0,web 2.0, data analytics,cloud,mobile; social networks ,media;

9- 美国军队招募工具是一款模拟军队训练和实战的游戏;