Peak-The Road to Extraordinary


1.notoriously:famous or well-known fro something bad

原文:he is notoriously uninterested in talking about his training techniques or strategies

造句:He became notorious due to his cheat in experiment data.

2.salient: most noticeable or important.

原文:Mario Lemieux’s experience points up another salient feature of prodigies’ early experience.

造句:You must see that salient part on the mountains firstly.

3.vow: to make a serious promise to yourself or someone else

原文:this time vowing that he would keep working at it until he succeeded

造句:Don't vow to God easily, or you will be punished.

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PS.最近这几章书都是跳着读的,跳着读的确节约了时间,但是感觉自己没有掌握skim的要领,跳读后合上书脑子里基本没有框架,一片浆糊。。。T T