Communication management

Communication management-- This course was over for one week, I would like to recall my memories which I learned in this course and share with all of you.

The essence of communication management is 1 3 5 principle which is concluded by our respect professor Mrs Liu baowei.

What is 1 ?

The feedback--It is crucial link to ensuring audiece totally understand you and reduce any misunderstanding as the level of comprehensive ability is different for everyone who are from different field,grow up in different enviroment and have differnt education background.

What is 3?

1, Goodwill-- To express your goodwill and make them believe your act will bring benefit for audiece.

2, You-attitude--- That's mean when you communicate with others, put yourself on opposite side. This will help you build good relationship.

3, Creditablility--- That mean brand yourself. When you become a brand, it's much easier to be accepted by your audience.

What is 5?

These are 5 stratigies to improve our effecience in communication.

1, Communicator strategy:  Self-cognition and Self-position. build your acquired creditability.

2, Audience strategy: Know more about yoru audiece. Who are they? What do they would like to know? How are they feeling? How to inspire them?

3,Message strategy:

 How can you emphasize a message? State the purpose at the beginning and end based on  audience memory curve.

How can you organize a message? Set up purpose and state your opinions. Use these basic logicals to express your opinions: point out quesitons-analyse-solution. past-now-future, macro-meso-micro

4,Channel choice strategy: Formal or informal, writing or oral. individual or public.

5, Culture strategy : Different value,different system,different action. Use the previous 4 strategies to analyse-solve.