Monsters Union

This is a fun game. Aliens scatter creatures on Earth. Need to return to their spacecraft together. You need to put them together to be successful. Get more gold can improve the score.

Level Selection Controller (WNXSelectStageViewController)

The level selection controller UIScrollView realize scrollWizard into 24 WNXStageListView (of course, you can also create their own cache pool reuse, personally feel that no need), each WNXStageListView has a corresponding level information model stageModel, the model attributes from the project -> Resources-> Plist-> stages.plist file to read, according to the member variables in the model, load the level corresponding to the information, such as level pictures, whether to unlock, the player's history score and rank markers.

Each WNXStageListView, according to the ID set a different Tag, and provides the click gesture in the stageView click event. Call the navigation controller, Push to the WNXPrepareViewController controller, and select the stageModel as an argument to pass, WNXPrepareViewController to make the appropriate The display can be.