2018-03-12 #30Days to Better English Day20-21

这次一来就是测试,总共25题, 我错了两三个,跟大家分享下看你是否也会同样做错:

1. If I were ( a. she, b. her ), I wouldn't act that way.

2. The prisoner was ( a. hanged, b. hung ) at dawn.

3. Has the cat ( a. lay, b. lain ) on the teacher's desk all morning.


Because 75 percent or more of the common errors made in grammar occur in just three broad areas of usage:

1. Pronouns ( I, you, me, him, etc. )

2. The word lay and lie.

3. Singular and plural words.

Rule 4.

After any form of the verb to be, use the subject pronouns I, he, she, we, they. However, "It's me" though not technically correct, is usually acceptable in informal conversation.

这就解释了我第一条的错误,get used to the sound of these sentences.

1. This is she.

2.It was he who did it.

3. If you were I, wouldn't you act the same way?

4. It is they I'm referring to, not you.