NCE2 L84 On Strike


1、to some extent 某种程度上来说

2、will 总是

Only one or two people have objected that the students will drive too fast!

3、object v.反对、不赞成

object + 从句; 或 object to/against sth

4、strike n.罢工

go on strike 举行罢工 /  be on strike 在罢工

call a strike 发动罢工 /  call off a strike 停止罢工

eg: The workers are on strike.

5、be due to do sth. 定于(某时做某事)

eg: The plane is due to arrive in London at 9 o'clock.

The strike is due to begin on Tuesday.

be due to +n. 由于……,因为……

eg: Our delay was due to the heavy traffic.

6、(1) volunteer v. 自愿,自动提出,

volunteer to do 自愿做…

eg: Students have volunteered to drive buses while the strike lasts.

volunteered for 自愿…

eg: Frank has volunteered for the army.

(2) volunteer  n. 自愿参加者,志愿者:

eg: The road was built by volunteers.

7、no one/everyone/each one + knows (第三人称单数)

8、express the gratitude 表达感谢

in recent years / recently 最近

voice 声音、观点、想法

parade 游行

stampede 踩踏事件


1、university  美 [,junɪ'vɝsəti] 重音在第二音节

2、meanwhile 美 ['minwaɪl]  重音在第一音节

3、expert  ['ɛkspɝt] n.专家

exit  n.出口  美 ['ɛɡzɪt] 英['eksɪt]

4、object n.物体、对象[ˈɒbdʒɪkt] v.反对[əbˈdʒɛkt]