How much RAM is there in an an iOS (Iphone/iPad/iPod Touch) Device?(iPhoneh设备内存有多少?)

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iPhone (June 2007): 128MB
iPhone 3G (July 2008): 128MB
iPhone 3GS (June 2009): 256MB
iPhone 4 (June 2010): 512MB
iPhone 4S (October 2011): 512MB
iPhone 5 (September 2012): 1GB
iPhone 5S (September 2013): 1GB
iPhone 6 (September 2014): 1GB
iPhone 6 Plus (September 2014): 1GB

iPod touch
1st generation (September 2007): 128MB
2nd generation (September 2008): 128MB
3rd generation (September 2009): 256MB
4th generation (September 2010): 256MB
5th generation (October 2012): 512MB

1st generation (April 2010): 256MB
iPad 2 (2011): 512MB
3rd generation (March 2012): 1GB
4th generation (November 2012): 1GB
iPad Air (November 2013): 1GB
iPad Air 2 (October 2014): 2GB

iPad mini
1st generation (November 2012): 512MB
iPad mini 2 (November 2013): 1GB
iPad mini 3 (October 2014): 1GB

iOS doesn't use swap space, therefore, only RAM will be available to processes. (That said, iOS does support paging executables.)