TGIF?某种因子?可怜的科研狗!I mean Thank God It's Friday!

TIA?短暂性脑缺血发作(tansient Ischemic Attack)?可怜的医学生!我是说:谢了先!Thanks In Advance! BTW,今天我们来扒一扒酱紫的词汇吧。

BTW, by the way

大家都知道 VIP 吧?Very important person? 你确定人家不是说Very Interesting Pig?哈哈。

PLZ, please

4ever, forever

U, you

DIY, do it yourself

NM, never mind

TTYL, talk to you later

FYI, for your information

R, are

N, and

BB, baby

CUZ, because

ASAP, as soon as possible

BF,GF, boyfriend, girlfriend

CU, see you

RUOK,are you OK

Oh, IC. IC是什么东东,ID的哥哥吗? I see, you see?


TGIF?某种因子?可怜的科研狗!I mean Thank God It's Friday!_第1张图片